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Requirements to bring dogs/cats to Argentina

SENASA is the agency of Argentina which is responsible for the regulation to travel abroad and enter the Republic with dogs and cats.

The Consulate does not grant permission for the entry of animals to Argentina. The owner must coordinate the shipment directly with the airline. To prevent the animal to be put on quarantined on arrival to Argentina an animal health certificate and proof of rabies vaccination is required.

The health certificate presented must ensure that the identified animal was examined within 10 (ten) days prior to shipment/trip and shows no clinical sign of diseases of the species. To request the certificate consult your veterinarian.

The animal health certificate must be written in or translated into Spanish, legalized by "Apostille" (you can do this in a Notarious Publicus) and contain:

• Details identifying the owner: name, address.
• Details identifying the animal: race, sex, date of birth, coat, size and particular signs.
• Country of origin, destination and transit, when apply.
The proof of rabies vaccination will be required for all canine and feline greater than 3 (three) months old. In the case of primed the vaccine should be applied at least 30 days before the date of entry of the animal. The certificate must not be older than a year prior to the date of arrival in the country.

The consulate does not legalize these documents, and must be submitted directly to the airline.

Animals that meet all regulatory requirements for import authorizations of dogs and cats, specified by SENASA will not perform import quarantine. In case of suspected infectious zoonotic diseases or high risk for Argentina, Service personnel arbitrate the means to ensure their isolation and / or corresponding quarantine measures.

It is recommended that the documentation from Sweden to be presented in Argentina, is notarized by a Notary Public with the La Hague Apostille Convention and then translated into Spanish.

For more information you should contact the SENASA at +54 11 4345 4112/4110 or visit their website http://www.senasa.gov.ar/, specifically the "Animal Health" menu.