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Change of address

Every Argentine citizen over 16 years old residing abroad has the obligation to get his/her address changed in his/her DNI.

The change of address brings about the issuance of a new DNI and entitles the Argentine citizen to exercise their right to vote in national elections from abroad.

Those who have not registered his/her residence abroad in the DNI cannot vote unless they are in Argentina.

Argentine citizens living in Sweden whose current address in Sweden was not yet registered in the DNI must apply for change of address at the Argentine Embassy in Sweden.

Fee: amount in SEK equivalent to USD 15 at the exchange rate valid on the processing day. The exact amount in SEK will be informed at the Embassy. Exception: It is free when it is processed together with another DNI procedure.

Estimated duration of the consular appointment: maximum 30 minutes.


1° | Request an appointment by email to consulares_esuec@mrecic.gov.ar informing your name and surname, date of birth, DNI number, year in which your last DNI was issued and -if you wish- preference of days for the appointment.

If you live outside of Stockholm, you can request an appointment for one of our consular visits to Göteborg or Malmö. A new visit to both cities will take place within the first half of 2019. Dates will be confirmed soon.

2° | Wait for the appointment assignment by the Embassy, ​​which you will receive by email within 2 business days after the appointment request.

3° | Attend the appointment bringing the required documentation for the procedure. If you are under 14 years old, you must be accompanied by one or both of your parents.

Required documentation

1 | Current Argentine DNI.

2 | Under 14 years old: Argentine DNI (or passport, if not Argentine) of the accompanying parent and Argentine birth certificate of the DNI applicant.

3 | Under 14 years old: Argentine birth certificate of the applicant.

If your appointment was granted for one of our consular visits to the interior of Sweden, you must also submit a photocopy of the required documentation and 1 colour photo, 4x4cm, upper bust, white background, without hat or glasses.

If the accompanying parent has a DNI libreta (passbook ID) which does not have blue cover, he or she must apply for the replacement of the DNI libreta for the DNI card during the same appointment.